"We especially need imagination in science.

- Maria Mitchell"

Welcome to Women-Men in Science!

What is Women-Men in Science? Research done over the years has indicated a diminishing amount of students deciding to go into science and technology related fields. Members of the Riverton community came together, formed Women-Men in Science, and asked, "How can we change this forecast for Wyoming?" Our answer was simple: Show Them What They're Missing!!! In 2004, Women in Science Conferences were born. Approximately 200 young women from across the state gathered together to learn about various careers in the science, engineering, math and technology fields. After receiving rave reviews from students, teachers and speakers - members of Women-Men in Science opted to do conferences on an annual basis. Originally designed for young women, research in 2007 showed Women-Men in Science that we were missing a key audience - young men! Men in Science Conferences started in 2008, with the events alternating each year.